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Nothing puts a special touch on your swimming pool quite like a home waterfall! With RicoRock’s waterfall kits, it’s easier than ever to bring some of the most eye-catching elements of nature right into your backyard.

Our 4 Foot Double waterfall is a fun and attractive addition that kids and adults alike will love. As a bonus, it comes in a kit that makes it easy to install.

One of our newest customers, Meg B. from Rochester, New York, is thrilled with the waterfall she recently installed on the edge of her pool. When asked about the way the RicoRock 4 Foot Double swimming pool waterfall enhances her backyard, she said:

“Our recently completed RicoRock project — a 4ft. Double in Limestone with additional boulders to be included in the landscaping. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

For her swimming pool, Meg used RicoRock’s 4 Foot Double kit. She installed this waterfall herself on a vinyl liner pool, which was built by the Buffalo, NY-based company Majestic Pools.

The waterfall creates a unique focal point and makes the pool feel even more special than it already was. From backyard barbecues to relaxing weekend afternoons, just about everyone can agree that the sound of a tranquil waterfall running in the background is the perfect touch!

Are you interested in building a home waterfall for your swimming pool? Have you been feeling overwhelmed at the idea of trying to construct one all on your own? If so, RickRock’s modular waterfall kits are the perfect option.

Our waterfall kits are easy to use and work well with a variety of pool types, including vinyl liner pools like the one Meg has in her backyard. They come in several different sizes and styles, too.

If you’re ready to start making over your swimming pool, check out our product catalog today to see which type of waterfall is the best fit for your backyard. Feel free to contact us as well to get a contractor referral if you need some extra help with your next project.

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