Faux Rock Panels


RicoRock® faux rock panels come in 5 styles. These panels can be used for building artificial rock caves, grottos, retaining walls, and any other custom indoor or outdoor project.

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FG Series (Fractured Granite)

Our newest faux rock panels are our Fractured Granite Panels (mostly high relief panels).  They are available in a lightweight version that weigh about 6lbs/sq. ft. vs 9lbs/sq. ft. for typical GFRC panels. Also available in Polyurethane by special order, only suitable for indoor projects. Click here to view the FG panels installed.

Flat Panel Castings

Flat artificial rock panels are used for cave and grotto construction and also for veneering walls. They can be used as a form for poured in place concrete walls or attached to existing concrete walls by using anchor bolts. Some blending of the castings is needed and skills in sculpturing and coloring concrete are useful.

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Rushmore Panels

Our Rushmore faux rock panels are great for retaining walls and caves. Click Here to download the Rushmore Series information PDF.

LP Panels (Limestone Panels)

High Relief Panels
Extra large FRC panels from limestone formations in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming.

These faux rock panels are great for poured in place retaining walls.

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