Don’t have the time or expertise to build a whole waterfall? We’ve got you covered. RicoRock’s One Piece Waterfalls are designed so you can easily put it in place, connect it to a water source, and enjoy your new water feature.  

We often talk about our Waterfall Kits on our blog. These multi-piece waterfalls create a big impact, but they often require time and effort to put together. We know that this type of kit isn’t for everyone, which is where our One Piece Waterfalls come in. They’re low-profile waterfalls with lots of water action that can serve as your backyard’s focal point. You can also use them for seating or play! All one piece waterfalls are stable due to both their weight and the fact that the joint where they meet the deck is caulked or mortared.

Curious about these waterfalls? Here’s a quick rundown of each one as well as helpful links to find out more!

Stairway One Piece Waterfall

Stairway Waterfall

One of our most popular one piece waterfalls, the Stairway Waterfall is a simple cascade of water. It can also double as a lounge or play area. It weighs 200-300 lbs. and measures 5’8” wide x 3’10” deep x 28’ high. Listen to it in action here! 

Harambeside e1575676462621

Harambe Waterfall

A playful nod to a once-famous ape, this small waterfall evokes the rounded shoulders of a great ape. Small isn’t just a quaint descriptor either; the Harambe measures only 70’ wide x 45’ deep x 24’ high.

Calebs Spring prototype scaled

Caleb’s Spring

Another petit addition for any poolside. This low-profile waterfall looks good with a low water flow AND with a full powered whitewater cascade. It weighs 200 lbs. and can handle 20-40 g.p.m. waterflow.

onepiece e1575676481765

Easy One Piece

Waterfalls don’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. This simple boulder-style waterfall will look great anywhere—along the poolside, in a pond, in a small pool. 

Laguna Beach One Piece Waterfall scaled

Laguna Beach Waterfall

One of our larger one piece waterfalls, this will bring the beach to your backyard. Inspired by Laguna Beach in California, this waterfall and mini beach combo’s shelf is the perfect size for sunbathing or splashing around. 

Wyoming Bubbler

Wyoming Bubbler

The round boulder body and ledger-style cap will make you smile. It’s babbling style waterflow creates the bubbling effect from which is gets its name. Plus, you can even use it without a pond!

Column Waterfall

Celtic Column

Prefer waterfalls with a bit of height? Try this column-shaped waterfall—the water bubbles out the top of the column and splashes down the side to create truly melodious background music for your pond, garden, and more.  

Dakota Cascade e1575676442839

Dakota Cascade

Another of our larger one piece waterfall, this one is designed to look like it was carved from a Dakota mountainside. With the proper waterflow, you can enjoy a cascading waterfall of your very own, with simple place-and-turn-on installation.  

WF Creations3

7 Foot Ledger

Hikers will know the feeling of sitting beside a peaceful little waterfall in the middle of a forest. Homeowners can recreate that feeling at home with this ledger-style one piece waterfall. 

Ready to easily add a waterfall to your home? 

Contact us today to find out more about RicoRock’s one piece waterfalls. We’ll help you pick the right RicoRock waterfall for your home. If you’re interested in other, more time-consuming RicoRock products, our team can also connect you with a contractor or dealer in your area, who has the expertise and know-how to install RicoRock products.

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