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For the installation of this RicoRock 4 Ft Double swimming pool waterfall, the contractors were working with a tight location with no equipment on an octagonal pool.

They came across RicoRock online and started exploring options with the customer. They spent a lot of time on the phone with Juan discussing dimensions, prep work and the modular aspect of the waterfall.

The modular aspect of the waterfall is what sold them due to the parameters of the site.

They were able to move some rocks around and balance the hardscape so that it all worked out exactly the way they wanted it to.

“Juan was awesome, very knowledgeable, and spot on with every question we had for him. The customer is beyond pleased with the result, the sound of the water is amazing and very well balanced. The assembly took us about 3 1/2 hours with 3 guys.

We are very pleased with the quality and texture of the waterfall. The kit was very workable And looks very real. A happy customer that gets quick results makes a happy hardscaper.”

– Horizon Hardscapes and Ethan Sutherland

Installation was a collaboration between Horizon Hardscapes and Ethan Sutherland

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