RicoRock Custom Grotto by Aqua FX

Many Americans open their pools in April and spend the hot months swimming to stay cool. Since this is where you spend most of the summer, you’ll want it to be a fun, inviting space. A custom waterfall grotto with an integrated water slide is just the thing to add a splash of excitement.

Take this custom grotto with faux rock steps and a water slide created by Aqua FX. The scenic waterfall grotto adds the quiet natural sounds of bubbling water and creates a cooling mist in the hot summer air. Once night falls, Aqua FX’s clever fire-like illumination transforms the poolside into a wild wonderland.

But this grotto is more than just a pretty façade!

Summertime adventurers will have loads of fun slipping down the slide enclosure. They’ll climb the RicoRock artificial rock steppers to the top over and over, so they can get that thrill of dropping down into the pool with an excited yell.

To make this custom grotto, Aqua FX used RicoRock’s custom GFRC rock products, namely our panels, grotto lids, and steppers. RicoRock does not manufacture slides; the one used by Aqua FX was purchased separately. A qualified contractor, such as Aqua FX, can put this together for you, so your pool will be the place to be all summer long.

Want to add some life to your poolside this summer? Contact us and we’ll connect you with a contractor in your area.

Are you a contractor interested in our faux rock products for a custom waterfall grotto with steps and a slide? Browse our available styles here and get inspired by our custom products. When you’re ready, contact us for a quote.

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