Close your eyes and picture your ideal waterfall feature. What do you see? If you’re like us, you imagine an awe-inspiring wonder that looks like it was scooped from a natural landscape and set down on the edge of your pool. That’s why it is our goal to craft waterfall features that are as close to real as we can get with man-made boulders and rocks.

And that’s what sets us apart from the competition.

Take a look at the photos above. Which one looks more realistic – the photo on the left or the photo on the right?

It’s the one on the right, isn’t it?

While the hand-sculpted waterfall on the left is unique and evokes the feeling of a natural waterfall, it looks a bit like it’s melting. It also leaves us wondering, “what’s missing?” Compare that to the fully constructed RicoRock Waterfall kit on the right and you can see what it lacks is the definition you’d find in nature. RicoRock waterfall kits have defined edges to distinguish the boulders from the rock; curving ridges to give the waterfall shape and form; unique, consistent stone color patterns you might see during an outdoor adventure. These traits are what set us apart from the competition.

How do we do it?

RicoRock boulders, panels, and products are all molded from actual, honest-to-goodness boulders and rocks. That’s how we create realistic artificial waterfalls that match that image you have in your mind. Our kits have the distinct details found in nature, plus there is less turnaround time required to construct your waterfall feature! You won’t have to wait for the sculptor to hand-make your waterfall; we send you (and your contractor) the pre-made kit pieces, and it is constructed on-site.

No heavy lifting or large machinery required.

Each piece is (usually) light enough that two people can lift it, and the pieces can be placed to match the shape of your poolside. Our kits can also be customized with additional RicoRock products to ensure your ideal waterfall feature looks exactly like it does in your mind.

You won’t get that kind of consistency or guarantee with hand-sculpted rocks.

Ready to add the waterfall of your dreams to your pool? Contact us, and we’ll help you choose the best kit for your poolside and budget. We can also connect you with a dealer or contractor in your area who is an expert at using RicoRock products. Our team is ready to help!

Note: RicoRock does not make slides. Slides pictured were purchased from a third-party company.

Credit: RicoRock Product on the right installed by Creative Rock Formations, NC.

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