Waterslides and waterfalls add more fun to a swimming pool than any other accessory and budgets determine what is best. Here are four types of slides with RicoRock waterfall combinations for different budgets.

1. For about $5,000 a pool owner can get a deck slide made of acrylic (just like spas) with a ladder access and small waterfall. The slide will be exposed but can be disguised with plants. (Waterfall pictured below installed by All American Pond and Gardens, NJ)

All American Pond and Gardens, NJ

2. There are heavy gauge roto-molded plastic slides with very sturdy ladders available from companies like Inter-fab; these slides pair well with a 3 Ft Modular or 4 Ft Double Waterfall from RicoRock Inc. Installed price should be in the $10,000 range. (Pictured below: 7″ Inter-Fab Slide, RicoRock 4 Foot Double & boulders. Installed by Brads Pool Shop in Tennessee with RicoRock Tech Support.)


3. Resort hotels and waterparks use heavy duty fiberglass slides, and several companies offer some standard designs to the residential pool industry, although without a ladder access. There is a demand for affordable but structurally sound grotto waterfalls, so RicoRock developed a Component Grotto system that utilizes several yards of concrete installed with contractor skills but not a lot of specialized labor. These combos start at over $15,000 installed for a Loveseat Grotto and 10-foot long slide with rock type steps. The larger 15-foot slide with a larger Component Grotto can be $25,000 – $40,000 depending on how extensive the rockwork is to integrate the slide on all sides completely. (Component Grotto pictured below features an Inter-Fab 15′ Garden Ride slide. Installed by Pools and Spas Unlimited of Milford, DE.)

Features an Inter-Fab 15' Garden Ride slide.

4. Full custom waterfalls and slides higher than six ft require weeks of specialized construction and can cost from $40,000 to $80,000 or more. Enclosed tube slides or waterpark type slides are options. For custom design ideas visit our custom gallery. (Custom waterfall and slide shown below installed by Creative Rock Formations, NC)

Creative Rock Formations, NC

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