Waterfalls come in many shapes and sizes. Choosing the best waterfall feature for your project can become a chore – that’s where RicoRock can help. We have several one-piece waterfalls available for home and business owners looking to add a dynamic, aesthetically pleasing water feature to their space.

Our stairway model is one of the most popular one-piece waterfalls in our catalog. Its versatile design adds visual interest to Mesquite City’s Brunhilde Nystrom City Lake Aquatic Center.

“We have used the stairway as a basin for large custom waterfalls many times, and it looks good,” says Bruce Riley, Managing Director of RicoRock, Inc.

The Stairway one-piece waterfall also provides a cool, refreshing lounge or play area in the hot summer months. This simple cascade of water is an affordable, beautiful alternative to our more complex, multi-piece waterfall kits.

All without sacrificing on appearance!

Our Stairway Waterfall is made with the same high-quality cast concrete material as our other waterfalls. The easy installation sets it apart. As the name says, it is just one piece! Weighing in at up to 300 pounds, it’s very stable once secured in place. A large access panel on the back allows for easy plumbing access. All this makes the Stairway waterfall very do-it-yourself friendly – no mortar needed.

Want a Stairway waterfall of your very own?
Contact us, and we will provide more information about one-piece waterfalls. We will help connect you to dealers in your area. Already have a contractor? Ask them to reach out to us, and we’ll work with them to design your perfect backyard getaway.

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