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RicoRock faux rock waterfalls can turn an ordinary pool, into… well something else. In this case a pond. Featured here is a RicoRock Tennessee Ledger Modular Waterfall Kit with various other RicoRock artificial rock boulders.

One of our dealers, Lee Dion, shared with us the secret to making pools look like ponds.

1. Begin with a dark grey free-formed gunite pool with no coping.

2. Have a large selection of RicoRock boulders for landscaping in conjunction with the waterfall.

3. The landscape rocks need to be placed adjacent to and onto the pool beam.

4. A large planter directly behind the waterfall and several large evergreens directly behind the planter.

5. The plant selection is important. Lee likes to use a lot of rug junipers. They will grow over the edge of the beam (between the rocks) and hang over the water. They are pretty resistant to chlorine.

“You have a very satisfied customer in me.” – Lee Dion

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