In Houston, TX, RicoRock Construction Management has been hard at work creating a habitat for the giraffes at Club Westside. In this video, you can see them putting up some of our GFRC faux rock panels for the walls of the habitat.

These panels look and feel like real rock and will last for decades, without the weight of actual rock. Because of their weight, you do not need special equipment to move them as you would with real boulders. Their installation can be accomplished by a small crew.

Many people are concerned about the cost of shipping our panels. Since our panels are compact and lighter than real rock (even though they’re made of concrete,) we can make shipping cost-effective. Many of them can be placed on a single pallet.

If you’re interested in finding a contractor to complete a custom project for you using our faux rock panels, contact us and we’ll connect you with someone in your area.

If you’re a contractor interested in our faux rock panels, check out the available styles on our panels page. Contact us with details about your project including the location so we can provide you with an accurate quote including shipping.

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