Creative RicoRock Pool Waterfalls in Florida

This awesome pool includes several RicoRock products combined. We call this a RicoRock creative install. Installed by long time RicoRock customer Mark of Coastal Coating & Resurfacing, FL. Want a RicoRock creative waterfall for your pool? Contact us...

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3 Foot Modular Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

We love this RicoRock 3 Foot Modular Swimming Pool Waterfall. This waterfall looks good on almost any pool. Installed by Bob's Pools, PA Interested in one of these for your home? Contact us today.

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Beautiful Artificial Rock Grotto with Water Slide

Pictured here is a RicoRock Component Grotto Waterfall Kit with RicoRock artificial rock steps and Interfab Garden Ride 15' slide. Installed by Bob's Pools, PA Want more information about purchasing this waterfall kit? Contact us...

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Merry Christmas from RicoRock!

We hope everyone has an awesome and safe holiday season. Our holiday schedule is as follows: Orlando office: closed between Christmas and New Year Texas office: closes Dec 22 until Jan 4, 2017 The image pictured above features a boulder fire pit from our all new line...

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RicoRock 4 Foot Double Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

The image below was taken from a pool waterslide. It features the RicoRock 4 Foot Double Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit. This water slide was installed by Jordan Construction, Inc in MS. Here are some additional shots of the same pool and...

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3×9 Inch RicoRock Coping in Mississippi

Jordan Construction, Inc. sent in these images of our 3x9 Inch Coping installed on a pool in Poplarville, MS. Our 3x9 Inch Coping is intended for vinyl liner pools, remodels and installations with pool...

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Spa with Tennessee Ledger Waterfall Kit, Boulders & More

This gorgeous spa features a Tennessee Ledger swimming pool waterfall kit with steppers, a few extra boulders, and various other RicoRock products. All RicoRock products were custom fit and colored on site. The client asked the designer to explore the creation of a...

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[Video] The Beautiful Sound of Water

The sound of water can be so relaxing, and RicoRock waterfalls bring that sound right to your back yard! This video from A-Perfect Pool in Texas features several RicoRock...

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