Stone monument signs are a great way for businesses, cities and anyone else to announce their presence. But not everyone can head out to a quarry and transport thousands of pounds of rock back to their sign’s site. RicoRock’s faux rock panels are a lightweight alternative.

Yes! RicoRock products can be used for more than just waterfalls and backyard pool décor.

This “Welcome to Belle Fourche” sign is a great testament to the versatility of our faux-rock panels. Stone monument signs made with our faux rock imitate the natural, rustic charm of boulders and rock while promoting your business.

15 years ago, we created this sign using faux rock panels that mimic the natural rock type found in the region. Then we added the custom signage text and it was installed in a relatively flat and open area. This hilltop field placement means the enormous and rustic sign draws the eye.

Exactly as it should.

Even though it is 15 years old, it doesn’t look a day over one. That’s because RicoRock products are built to last. They withstand the elements, enduring for years. This makes faux-rock signs – both large and small – a great investment for any city or business.

Are you looking for a new, unique way to advertise your business, announce your city or broadcast your name to the world? Contact us today! Ask about our faux rock panels and modular boulders. The experts at RicoRock are here to help you create your very own faux stone monument.

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