Waterparks are the best place to be during the hot summer months. One of the most popular spots in the waterpark is the lazy river – guests float around, relaxing in the cooling waters and enjoying the summer sun.

A great waterpark takes extra care when planning their lazy rivers’ design so that guests will feel like they’ve truly gone on vacation!

The Waterpark at Club Westside in Houston, Texas did just that. They incorporated several custom waterfalls to give their guests the true “we’re hanging out in nature” experience. The calming sounds of the waterfall you hear in the video serenade visitors to the lazy river, lulling them into a truly relaxed state.

“The rockwork really makes the whole waterpark work.” – Owner

There are two large custom waterfalls and several smaller ones. In fact, the main features that pull the eye at the park are the cascading waterfalls and volcano tower. These elevate the waterpark from a cool place when the weather’s hot, to a fully immersive, vacation-like experience!

Built by RicoRock Construction Management, the custom waterfalls look, sound and feel real. That’s because we used panels from our Fractured Granite series. These faux rock panels are all high relief, giving that grooved, textured feel you used to only be able to get with real rock!

We also added a cast rock veneer to all retaining and free-standing walls in the park to ensure the whole space, not just the lazy river, transports you to another world.

This entire project was custom built for Club Westside using RicoRock custom panels.

Interested in adding a custom waterfall or rock feature to your commercial space? Fill out the contact form and will send you more information. You can also request to work with RicoRock Construction Management – we’ll design and build the perfect space for you and your guests.

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