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RicoRock Custom Cave with Jacuzzi

RicoRock Custom Waterfall

Drama is the spice of life. Adding a little dramatic flair to your backyard will take your pool parties and hot-weather gatherings to the next level. Just look at these impressive, almost theatrical photos from a Charlotte, NC backyard.

If this doesn’t transport you to another world, we don’t know what will!

Christian Spires and his team at Creative Rock Formations designed and built this dramatic pool-scape using RicoRock’s faux-rock panels and boulders. The sheet waterfall creates a lovely barrier between the pool and the hot tub inside the cave. (Yes, there’s a hot tub hidden inside the cave!) This gives hot-tubers a little extra privacy. 

Just imagine relaxing in that cave after a hard day’s work! 

For thrill-seekers and those with a bit more energy to explore, there’s the enclosed slide*. After a speedy trip through darkness, guests splash through the sheet waterfall at the end and plunge gleefully into the pool. 

Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

Spires and his team installed dramatic LED lights to create the perfect atmosphere at night for guests and parties, or just a calm, relaxing evening. RicoRock faux panels line the cave’s walls and ceiling, and cover the enclosed slide, mimicking natural cave formations. That’s because all RicoRock products are made using real rock as models. All RicoRock products are built to last and withstand the elements. 

Don’t believe us? Check out what the component grotto looks like in the winter!

Looking for a dramatic poolscape of your very own?

Contact us today to find out more about RicoRock’s waterfall kits and add-ons. We’ll help you pick the right RicoRock products for your project. Our team can also connect you with a contractor or dealer, like Creative Rock Formations, in your area who has the expertise and know-how to install RicoRock products. 

*RicoRock does not make waterslides; we have the ability to integrate third-party slides into our products. Read our Slide/Grotto Options for Different Budgets article for more information.

Credit: Creative Rock Formations, NC

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