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The giraffes at Club Westside in Houston, TX, needed a new home, and RicoRock Construction Management stepped up to the challenge.

Club Westside is a private tennis club with a lot of different things to offer the community. One is their Animal Ambassadors. These are exotic animals, given a new home in Texas, with which the members and their families can interact. The goal of the Animal Ambassadors program is to educate members about the struggles wild animals face, and encourage people to donate and support local zoos and aquariums, as well as international conservation programs.

The most popular exhibit at Club Westside? The giraffes!

Prior to January 2021, the giraffes lived in a relatively bare enclosure with standard fencing. The Club Westside owners wanted to create a space that looked and felt like the giraffes’ natural habitat. To do that, they needed realistic and affordable materials that would ensure the safety of the animals and their environment.

RicoRock Construction Management stepped to help.

The RicoRock team designed and constructed an enclosure that mimics the giraffes’ natural environment. Using the GFRC panels, we’ve transformed the bare walls and fences into an African grasslands and woodlands inspired valley. We stacked the panels to match the height of the fence that surrounds the giraffe enclosure.

Now, the giraffes can explore their home.

RicoRock Faux Rock Panels come in five different styles. Our rock panels are molded from real rocks, so they look like the real thing. They’re also constructed to withstand the elements and last for decades. So, the Club Westside giraffes will have a stylish home for years to come.

As you can see, RicoRock panels are great for animal habitats and enclosures. They’re also excellent for creating rock caves, grottos, retaining walls, and any other custom indoor or outdoor project.

If you’d like to build an animal habitat, add a realistic retaining wall to your yard, or maybe create an indoor waterfall, contact us today! We’ll help you pick the style and products for your project.

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