Jacksonville FL Homeowner adores her RicoRock Loveseat Grotto 2

Jacksonville FL Homeowner adores her RicoRock Loveseat Grotto 3

Jacksonville FL Homeowner adores her RicoRock Loveseat Grotto 4

Jacksonville FL Homeowner adores her RicoRock Loveseat Grotto 1

We love making products that homeowners can enjoy for years to come. Waterfalls bring us closer to nature. We believe that using products that look and feel like actual rock formations and real waterfalls helps keep nature close to home. So, when homeowners share their thoughts on the RicoRock waterfalls they’ve had installed in their backyards, we know we’re doing our job right!

And today, we heard from homeowner Stacy J. and her new Loveseat Grotto.

The Loveseat Grotto Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit adds additional poolside seating with an elevated twist. Parents can relax while their children play; older loved ones can rest and still feel like part of the fun; children can explore and adventure – and even climb on top and use the grotto as a diving board! It’s made with cast concrete rock pieces and a steel reinforced concrete core, so it’s sturdy for even the most avid climbers.

Stacy and her family found out first-hand how lovely the Loveseat Grotto truly is:

“Our whole family loves our grotto! The kids and their friends love to jump off it into the pool and swim into the grotto to sit behind the waterfall. My husband and I love to have the sound of the waterfall on even when we’re just sitting outside in our backyard. It’s our most favorite part of our pool, and we are thrilled with how it turned out!”
– Stacy J., Homeowner

The grotto is a comfortable place for two adults – or as many children want to squeeze in. It fits a three- to four-foot wide pool seat and can be adjusted to align with your pool’s radius. A sheet waterfall cascades over the entrance to the grotto, creating a semi-private atmosphere. The calming, melodic sound relaxes you as you rest, beside the pool or in the grotto, after a hard day of work. The whole effect is capped off with two side boulders that you can have rotated during installation so that your grotto blends smoothly with your poolside.

Speaking of installation. Although this is a kit, the Loveseat Grotto requires someone with masonry skills to install it. That’s why it’s listed under “Custom GFRC Rock Products” in our catalog. Ask your contractor to contact us for details on how to secure your very own Loveseat Grotto!

Don’t have a contractor? Contact us today! Our team can connect you with a contractor or dealer in your area who has the expertise and know-how to install RicoRock products.

Not sure if a Loveseat Grotto will work with your poolside? Click the links below to see how it looks in other backyards!

Credit: Homeowner Stacy J in Jacksonville, FL, Installer: Blue Haven Pools

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