Remember being a kid and leaping into the pool on a hot summer day? Maybe you were learning how to dive, or showing off silly cannonballs with your best friend. Maybe you were even playing a game that required getting out and jumping back in, like Categories. Those memories are an iconic part of your childhood, and of course, you want to provide the same for your kids.

But when diving boards are an eyesore, what do you turn to? Enter the Jumper Plus!

This gorgeous artificial boulder provides the perfect jumping-off zone for kids and adults alike, without taking away from your beautiful backyard landscape. The faux rock also has a better grip than real rocks, so you can breathe a little easier while your kiddos are practicing their silliest can-opener jump.

The jumping rock can also be used simply as extra seating during your next pool party: perfect for the parent who doesn’t want to get their hair wet, but still wants to be part of the action and keep an eye on their kids.

The boulder even comes with a small surprise: a hidden 2-inch pipe creates a gently cascading waterfall down the front of the structure, setting an elegant tone for any backyard bash.

Big thrills, a better grip, and visually pleasing, to boot? The Jumper Plus really is a triple threat!

Pair it with your other favorite RicoRock products, such as the Loveseat Grotto and 9” Coping seen in the picture above, for an extra-splashin’ good time.

We recommend that jumpers and jump rocks be used with swimming pools of adequate depth (between more than four or five feet deep) and that you jump feet first into the pool.

Ready to bring home this exciting addition? Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect jump rock setup for your backyard pool!

Credit: Mad River Pools, Orlando

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