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If there is one thing that many pools lack, it has to be comfortable, cozy seating! Great seating is essential for adults who want to enjoy the cool waters on a hot summer day while their children swim and play. When you have seating options like RicoRock’s loveseat grotto, you also get privacy, and a cozy place to cuddle with your special someone.

In fact, that is the exact reason why homeowners Jeff and Becky chose RicoRock’s loveseat grotto for their backyard oasis.

The Loveseat Grotto has the right amount of space for two lovebirds to lounge. A cascading sheet waterfall hides the entrance to the grotto, providing privacy as well as adding a calming, romantic soundtrack to their summer experience.

And they love it.

“Here she is all done,” wrote Jeff. “We are ecstatic! Becky loves it! Thank you so much.”

As you can see in the photos, provided by Jeff and Becky, they personalized their grotto with an extra boulder, adding panache, personality and visual appeal.

The RicoRock Loveseat Grotto comes as a custom kit. Made with cast concrete rock pieces and a steel reinforced concrete core, it is sturdy and safe. The waterfall fits a 3-4 ft wide pool seat and can be customized to fit the pool’s radius or other application. Two side boulders, included in the kit, can be rotated when installed, to ensure the grotto blends flawlessly with your poolside.

RicoRock’s Loveseat Grotto requires masonry skills, so ask an expert to do the installation!

If you need an expert, contact us today! We’ll connect you with dealers in your area.

Already have a contractor? Ask them to reach out to us so we can work with them to design a cozy, romantic loveseat grotto of your very own.

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