When you’re looking for a water feature or eye-catching focal point in your backyard, it can be difficult to imagine how the different products will look after they’ve been installed on your poolside. That’s one reason why RicoRock shares images of completed installations on our Instagram page (click here to follow us).

Today we want to shine the spotlight on a classic: 3 Foot Modular Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit.

This mid-sized waterfall has been a classic for many years. From the natural rock appearance to the tumbling sheet waterfall, it continually impresses homeowners. A Texas homeowner recently installed one in their backyard; we shared their photos on Instagram – and it quickly became a favorite!

Want to know the best part about our waterfall kits?

You can build on the kit with other RicoRock products to create a seamless and unique look that suits your taste and style. Take the Texas homeowner’s waterfall, for example – they added planters and lighting to give it their own flare.

RicoRock 3 ft modular waterfall

The lighting practically transforms the poolside at night!

All RicoRock’s waterfall kits, including the 3 Foot Modular Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit, are easy to install. So easy, in fact, you could make it a DIY project – that’s what one Florida homeowner did (read all about it here). When you install your 3 FT waterfall, it’ll look a bit like this Texan waterfall, only it’ll fit your unique style. And, you’ll have that melodic waterfall as your new background music.

Just listen to that!

Trying to find your perfect waterfall? Contact us, and we’ll help you choose the best kit for your poolside and budget.

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