Transform your corners with RicoRock waterfalls

Looking for a more dynamic water feature for your pool? Or perhaps your yard has a corner tucked away and practically unusable? What you need is a corner waterfall.

Yes, you read that right!

Waterfall features come in all shapes and sizes… and orientations. Adding a waterfall made with natural-looking rocks and boulders transforms those awkward or inaccessible corners into peaceful, relaxing spaces.

Not convinced?

Take a look at this homeowner’s pool. RicoRock’s 4 Foot Double Waterfall kit, built and customized to fit around the corner of the pool, elevates the space and adds a natural touch to this backyard. Our 4 Foot Double Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit is ideal for corner installation; its multiple base pieces allow for a wide variety of layouts and directions. It can fit on a corner, as seen in the photos, or along a curve. Or even along a poolside that forms an S shape!

That’s only one of the reasons it’s our most popular waterfall kit.

The other reason is, of course, its dual waterfalls and wide design. There are several layers to this kit, so the water tumbles in such a way that both looks and sounds stunning.

Designing and building a waterfall that fits around or in an unused corner is right in our (water)wheelhouse. Our construction team, Rico Rock Construction Management, transformed the corner of this homeowner’s pool into an exotic masterpiece.

Want a corner waterfall of your very own?
We’re on hand to help! Contact us today, and we’ll put you in touch with a dealer in your area.

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