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This past October, we saw that multiple waterfalls are far better than just one waterfall. But did you know that all three RicoRock waterfall kits mentioned in that blog post were installed in one day? This has got to be a new record!

Who’s the record-breaking builder?

His name is Matt Cole and his company is Mint Landscaping, based in McKinney, Texas. The waterfall kits he installed were the 28 Inch Swimming Pool Waterfall, 4 Foot Double Swimming Pool Waterfall, and 4 Piece Ledger Pool Waterfall.

To give you an idea of just how impressive this is, we normally advise contractors, dealers, and homeowners that it’ll take roughly a day to install our 4 Foot Double kit with a three-man crew. The kit alone weighs 2,000 lbs, with the heaviest weighing in at 240 lbs.

So, while it is possible to move the pieces solo, having help is, well, helpful!

RicoRock’s waterfall kits all come with detailed installation instructions. Many require some masonry knowledge to ensure the sturdiness and stability of the final product. That’s why we offer tech and installation support and courses to those companies – and homeowners! – who want to install RicoRock products.

While it is beneficial to hire someone with experience installing our products, Matt Cole and others like him are proof that it’s possible to put together a RicoRock waterfall kit without additional training.

In Matt’s case though, perhaps he gathered all the knowledge he needed to work quickly and efficiently from Mint Landscaping!

Ready to add the waterfall of your dreams to your pool? Contact us, and we’ll help you choose the best kit for your poolside and budget. We can also connect you with a dealer or contractor in your area who knows how to install RicoRock products quickly and efficiently. Who knows, maybe they’ll beat Matt’s record!

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