Specifications: Manpower, tools, materials,
flow rates and weights


Waterfall Model Weight of kit Heaviest piece Mortar needed* Recommend flow rate
4 Piece Ledger 1,200 lbs 400 lbs 300 lbs 15-40 gpm
3 Ft Modular 1,200 lbs 240 lbs 400 lbs 40-60 gpm for sheet effect
4 Ft Double 2,000 lbs 240 lbs 800 lbs 60-80 gpm
Loveseat Grotto 1,500 lbs 300 lbs 1/2 yd concrete plus
300 lbs mortar
60-80 gpm
5 Ft Triple 3,500 lbs on
2 pallets
400 lbs 1/2 yd concrete plus 1,000 lbs mortar 80-120 gpm
24 Inch 600 lbs 150 lbs 160 lbs 20-30 gpm
28 Inch 800 lbs 150 lbs 220 lbs 20-30 gpm

Mortar (masonry cement and sand mix) should be the best quality available and is available in 40 and 80 lb bags at home improvement stores. For larger projects it is more economical to mix Mortar cement, type S, with masonry sand (1 part cement to 2-3 parts of sand depending on how fine the sand is.

Epoxy or construction adhesive like that used for concrete blocks can be used to set small rock pieces, eliminating mortar mess. RicoRock® Waterproofing also works as a thin set, eliminating the mortar joint.

Additional Materials: All RicoRock® waterfalls have internal plumbing supplied in 2 inch pvc; adaptors, fittings and flex pipe along with pvc glue are needed to complete the connection.

Blue flex hose makes a good sleeve for future lighting.

Tools usually needed: cement mixer or drill with mixing blade, 4 inch Grinder (to cut castings), 24 inch or torpedo level, wheelbarrow, buckets, rubber gloves, trowels, sponges and 2 inch paint brushes (the cheap ones are best), waterhose. A tree dolly works great for moving heavy cast pieces and a rubber mallet is good for pounding the pieces into the mortar without damaging the rock.

The Touch Up Kit that comes with most kits includes a small amount of patch cement (actually Waterproofing powder) that can be used to repair any damaged edges or scrapes. The 4 ounce stains in all 4 colors can be used to add accents or color mortar joints.

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