Is there any sound as relaxing as that of the babbling brook? Adding one to your backyard, poolside, or anywhere really will create a relaxing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Now, you could just go out and get a water fountain or small little water feature. But that won’t really create that full babbling brook ambiance. No, what you need is a Tennessee Ledger waterfall with the stream section add-on. 

This waterfall kit will not only make a full-fledge babbling brook, it’ll also look and feel like a little slice of nature. 

The Tennessee Ledger swimming pool waterfall kit is 10 feet wide and four feet tall. It’s made with faux boulders molded from Blue Ridge Mountain rocks. This gives it RickRock’s signature “found in nature” appearance. This waterfall kit makes a modest babble that would suit a smaller space with a bit of an echo. However, if you have a larger space, especially if it’s outdoors, you’ll want to stretch that little brook out so it can really dance. 

That’s where the Stream Section add-on comes into play. 

RicoRock’s Stream Section allows you to set your waterfall a bit back from a pool’s edge. As you can see in the photo, the Tennessee Ledger waterfall tumbles onto the Stream Section add-on before babbling its brook-y way into the pool. 

This is a full babbling brook experience. And one that will enhance anyone’s private oasis. 

Want to a babbling brook of your very own? 

Contact us today to find out more about RicoRock’s waterfall kits and attachments, and we’ll help you pick the right RicoRock products for your poolside. Our team can also connect you with a contractor or dealer in your area who has the expertise and know-how to install RicoRock’s waterfall kits.

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