When it comes to outdoor design, the inherent charm of your surroundings might not always meet the grand vision you hold. However, at RicoRock, we don’t just dream big – we bring those dreams to life. Currently, we’re in the process of doing just that at Showboat Hotel’s Waterpark, in collaboration with RicoRock Construction Management. Utilizing RicoRock’s versatile faux-rock panels, our team is hard at work crafting an aquatic paradise.

Showboat Hotel, a name synonymous with exceptional entertainment experiences, is looking to up the ante with RicoRock’s faux-rock panels. Our team is using these adaptable panels to mimic the robust appeal of natural stone, aiming to create an immersive environment that will delight waterpark guests.

Contrary to installing a traditional waterfall at the waterpark’s edge that might come across as artificial, the team has a visionary approach. They are strategically integrating the rock panels within the landscape of the park. This serves not only as a subtle divider between the lively waterpark and tranquil relaxation zones but also enhances the overall authentic ambiance.

Our faux-rock panels, currently being installed, will redefine the waterpark experience. Their design facilitates the creation of a riveting network of waterfalls and rivulets, appearing to spring naturally from the rocky landscape. Their ease of installation and lightweight nature, despite their solid, rugged appearance, further add to their appeal.

So, what is the secret behind the realistic charm of these faux-rock panels? It lies in the precision with which they are molded, a process that closely mirrors actual rock formations and delivers an unparalleled natural resemblance.

As the project continues to evolve under the skilled hands of our construction management team, the Showboat Hotel’s Waterpark promises to be a breathtaking spectacle.

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