We’re taking another trip down memory lane! This week, we head to 2015 Louisiana and Jacob Landry’s epic poolside renovation. The History Channel’s Swamp People star added RicoRock’s Component Grotto with water slide enclosure to his backyard.

Humberto Meza from RicoRock Tech Support worked with the crew from Concrete Revolution to install this unique grotto and waterfall combo with slide enclosure. RicoRock tech support trains new companies in the use of our products so they can build projects in areas where we do not have dealers. They also help our existing dealers on projects where they need a little extra guidance.

The Component Grotto kit includes everything you need to create four different grotto configurations. Landry chose the Extended Version, which uses the slide enclosure to create a longer tunnel or cave effect. The natural-looking rocks add character to the poolside, while the grotto gives it depth and a sense of adventure. Landry and his guests can climb around and under the waterfall.

It’s like bringing cave exploration to your backyard.

A structural product, the component grotto needs to be installed by qualified contractors experienced with steel reinforced concrete. It is one of our more complex waterfall kits. Keep in mind, too, that building codes vary and some cities may also require wet stamped plans.

This is why we only make the Component Grotto available to contractors for installation. We’ll connect you with one of many qualified contractors. Our expert team at RicoRock Construction Management is also ready to help you with your faux-rock backyard projects!

If you would like to add this unique, adventurous and exciting feature to your pool, contact us today!

Note: The slide enclosure is an optional add-on and does NOT include the slide itself. RicoRock does not make slides.

Installed by Humberto Meza, RicoRock Tech Support, with help from the crew of Concrete Revolution.

RicoRock Waterslide/Grotto in Jacob Landry's home.

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