RicoRock faux-rock panels are making waves internationally. Or rather, they’re stopping waves. Five Island Water and Amusement in Trinidad chose RicoRock’s flat-panel castings to decorate the bulkhead wall of their wave machine. 

The result? A faux-natural wall that perfectly suits an afternoon of wave riding. 

Waterpark guests can find RicoRock’s faux-natural rock panels at the Gundee Beach Wave Pool. This attraction includes two, interconnected wave pools where guests splash around in the waves and relax on the beach. 

Next time you’re in Trinidad, go see these flat-panel castings in action!

RicoRock’s flat-panel castings are artificial rock panels used for cave and grotto construction, and for veneering walls (which is how they’ve been used in the wave machine). We have a wide range of products that can be used for themed rooms and spaces, like waterparks, bowling alleys, and even Giraffe enclosures

Our faux-rock products add that rough terrain needed to make a space feel rustic, yet refined… without requiring heavy, expensive rock. 

Want to bring a little international flair to your space?

Contact us today to find out more about RicoRock’s faux-rock products, and how we can transform your commercial or residential themed space. We’ll help you pick the right RicoRock products for your project. Our team can also connect you with a contractor or dealer in your area who has the expertise and know-how to install RicoRock’s waterfall kits.


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