Powerful, yet also tranquil, the 4-foot double modular waterfall kit is the perfect home waterfall, according to homeowners

What makes it so perfect? 

First of all, we’ve designed the 4 foot double waterfall to be the right size for any poolside. Wide, with multiple layers, it works well on smaller poolsides, giving character and ambiance, without overpowering the space. It also makes a great accent piece for larger swimming pools, with the double waterfall creating a playful soundtrack for your swim.

Just imagine cooling off in your backyard with those melodic sounds!

Second, the 4ft double waterfall is versatile. Multiple base pieces allow it to be installed on a radius or corner. It can also be installed in indoor pools or spas, creating a year-round oasis. Finally, it complements other waterfall kits, so you can have a landscape made up of multiple waterfalls in your backyard. 

Finally, the 4ft double waterfall is easy to install. Watch the installation video below to see just how smooth the process is. 


You also have the choice of adding LED lights at every level!

Now you know why our 4 foot double waterfall is our most popular waterfall kit. An industry leader for artificial rock waterfalls, RicoRock has a wide range of module waterfall kits available. So, if the 4 foot double isn’t the one for you, then you might appreciate our Texas 2-step or 4 piece ledger waterfalls.

Whichever waterfall kit you choose, you can enjoy it knowing that it will last the lifetime of your pool. 

Want a 4 foot double waterfall for your pool? Contact us today. Our team can help you select your kit and connect you with a contractor or dealer in your area who has the ability and know-how to install RicoRock products.

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