Is there anything more dramatic than a tall, spirited waterfall cascading into your pool? Arthur A, a homeowner in NY, believed our 5 Foot Triple Waterfall was exactly what his backyard needed.

And we think he was right!

The 5 Foot Triple Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit includes a sheet waterfall showering down the full five-foot drop. On either side, two lively smaller waterfalls dance down the faux-limestone boulders. Its big, blocky design mirrors nature so well that guests believe the rock comes from a quarry!

But that’s not the case.

The waterfall is made with RicoRock’s lightweight, easy to install faux-rock boulders. It includes a steel-reinforced concrete grotto lid that can hold over 500 lbs, making it safe and sturdy for any and all climbers. It requires at least 80 GPM waterflow in order to make a robust sheet waterfall. The waterfall kit Arthur A. photographed above has been updated, so his version is no longer available. The newer model includes improved plumbing and lighter materials.

Want to enjoy the sounds of water dancing in your backyard?

Contact us today! RicoRock’s current catalog of waterfall kits also includes a waterfall for any and every homeowners’ unique needs. From the DIYers who loved our 28” waterfall kit to the aquatic center that preferred our one-piece stairway waterfall, and even to those homeowners who want to mix and match, so their waterfall seamlessly matches their décor. We’ll help you pick the best waterfall feature for you.

Credit: Homeowner, Arthur A. in NY

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